For Parents

Choosing books for your children

Choosing suitable books for children can be difficult for parents. Sometimes bookstores promote popular titles to children who are not emotionally or intellectually ready for a book's contents so parents need to exercise caution. If in doubt about the contents or the values being promoted read the novel  yourself before you decide. Students are encouraged by staff to open up conversations with their parents about the books they are currently enjoying, and contentious issues which arise in books can provide wonderful teaching moments for parents. When choosing something age-appropriate for your child, taking note of the age of the main characters can be a good guide. 

When Redlands College Library does not allow particular age groups to borrow specific titles it is because of the content, not the reading level, of the text. Teacher-librarians are often asked by parents for guidance in this area, and are more than willing to help out. 

Parent Library  -  some titles for your consideration          


Parent Reading Club

There is a Social Book Club for adults the second Thursday of the month to share a love of reading over a coffee. You are welcome to visit any time with your favourite book, or just to sit and enjoy the company of other members of the Redlands College family. For  information on the venue, contact the Redlands College Library on 3286 0213.

Information for Volunteers

Our College has a very busy Library and as such we can always use help from our parents. If you have a little spare time, you assistance would be greatly appreciated. Even half an hour can sometimes mean a lot to us.

Jobs you can help with include: re-shelving; book covering; stamping and end processing of resources; repairing; labelling; dusting shelves and many other odd jobs that come up from time to time.

If you can help, just come in and see any of the Library staff and arrange a time or phone us on 3286 0215 or 3286 0213 between 8am and 4pm.